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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What Online services do you offer at The Website?
The Website offers following services:
- Booking of accommodation either "on-line" (real time) or "on-request" (response within 48 hours)
- Group accommodation and catering booking requests
During booking process clients are required to register to continue with the booking. Client must use a credit card (Visa or Euro/MasterCard only) to guarantee a reservation.

How exactly does website on-line reservation system work?
Once you have made a reservation request, it arrives directly to the property, which then responds to the reservation request via our Website booking system. The system (booking engine) provides an effective, secure and simple channel of communication between properties and customers. The system (booking engine) enables customers to freely select, pick and book exactly those properties that suite him/her most

How do I make a reservation?
Please select the most suitable for you property by checking details of properties on search result list (most vital details are displayed already in the list, list is sortable by majority of information displayed). From the property details click on the "Book Online" or "Book on Request" button once you find a property you like. You fill in details of current booking like room types and quantities, dates of your visit and extra services required you will be prompted for your credit card details to confirm your booking. We accept Visa and Euro-/MasterCard only. After filling out the form you have to enter or generate (if you have not registered before) your login and password to confirm your contact information.
Most of hotels & budget hotels accept Credit Cards as guaranty only for individuals bookings. In this case full payment on arrival.
Some properties request 5-10% deposit to secure a booking for individuals. In this case your credit card will be charged for a 5-10% deposit of total value (including extra services that may be booked) 1-2 weeks before arrival, except low availability periods. If credit card transaction fails, your booking will be cancelled and you will only be notified of cancellation.
If you book "on request" property – you request will be answered within 24-48 hours.
If you book "on-line" property, you will receive an on-screen confirmation of your reservation which you should print and bring to the property. The balance due when you arrive at the property will be displayed on your booking confirmation. When browsing "on-line" properties you can at any time use check availability link that will provide you with current availability overview for this property.

Are your prices per room or per person?
On our website prices for dormitory beds and extra beds in private rooms are per bed, in all other cases, if not expressly stated otherwise, prices are per room.

Can I book extra beds on your portal?
Yes it is possible. We implemented easy and natural solution for booking extra beds. These can be all possible sorts of extra beds from extra beds for adults and teenagers to free cots for infants. Naturally extra beds can be booked only when booking a room and maximum one extra bed per room. Rooms, where extra beds can be placed, are marked with a blue cross.

Can I make specific requests regarding my reservation?
Yes. When sending your reservation request, there is a comments field where you can add specific notes (as free text) and/or requests that can be sent to the chosen property. The requests however are not binding to the property.

Will you confirm my reservation by fax or phone?
In case of booking for individuals the booking engine sends confirmation only by e-mail so please make double sure that you have provided us with the correct email address that you have access to. It is not possible to confirm on-line bookings otherwise.
For group booking requests it is possible to send confirmation by fax, if so requested, and fax is entered at registration.

How long will it take for my reservation request to be answered to?
In case of "On-line" bookings you will receive an immediate automatic on-screen confirmation from  Website and a confirmation e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address that you have provided when registering. In case of “On request” bookings for individuals you will get an on-screen confirmation that your request have been accepted (the e-mail will also be sent to your e-mail that you gave provided on registration) and, within 24-48 hours, you will get e-mail message either confirming or cancelling your request.

How do I check the status of my reservation request?
You can check the status of bookings for individuals by logging into "My Bookings" section with your registered email address and password and view all your current reservations. You can check the status of your reservations in the “status column”. All changes to booking status (except cancellation by you, customer) will also be e-mailed to you at your registered e-mail address.

How do I change / cancel a reservation?
You can change your booking only by cancelling you confirmed booking and making another one. We recommend you make a new booking first and on confirmation of new booking cancel your old one. This is especially advisable in high season. Regretfully there is no other way to amend/change the reservation.
To cancel a booking you must login to "My Bookings" section with your registered email address and password. On the next screen you can see all your reservations, each reservation is provided with means of cancelling it, if cancellation is possible.
The penalty for cancellation depends on when was the cancellation made (how many days before scheduled arrival).
- In case of cancellation of confirmed reservation after the cancellation deadline set by property you credit card will be charged with 100% of the first night accommodation cost and 100% of booked extra services. Properties specify cancellation deadline on their information page, in "Cancellation Policy" section, please inspect this section carefully before making a booking. Property s cancellation deadline will also be clearly shown on a booking confirmation.
By default you can cancel confirmed booking 3 days prior to arrival without incurring any penalty (other than deposit paid). However properties on their information page, in "Cancellation Policy" section can specify a different deadline, please inspect this section carefully before making a booking.
Booking deadline will also be clearly shown on a booking confirmation.
To cancel a booking you have to login to "MyBookings" section of our web site using your e-mail and password that you have provided on registration. Upon logging in a screed listing all your bookings will be displayed where you can check the status and details of every booking and, if required, cancel them.
NB! Neither Website nor properties, represented on it s website accept cancellation made by means other than on-line as described above. Non-acceptable meant include, but not limited to any telephone, fax and e-mail cancellations.
Extra services booked are automatically cancelled together with accommodation cancellation. If you wish to cancel extra services (or some of them) without cancelling accommodation you have to send e-mail regarding cancellation to info(At) at least 15 days before scheduled arrival. In this case no penalty or cancellation fee will apply. Please provide booking number, word "cancel" and name services that you wish to cancel in the subject fields of e-mail. Property will be notified by Website that you have cancelled some or part of extra services. After deadline of 14 days prior to scheduled arrival no cancellations of extra services are possible.

Do I need a credit card to make a reservation?
Yes. We will make on-line reservation only when you provide valid credit card information. We accept Visa and Euro-/Mastercard only

Is my credit card and registration information secure with you?
Yes, all reasonable steps have been taken to guarantee security. The information requested during registration is necessary for the properties and Website to manage the booking request. All information is strictly confidential and shall be transmitted via an encrypted channel that ensures privacy. Your credit card data, necessary to guarantee booking, is also transmitted through safe, protected channels (SSL Secure Server). Your credit card details are not stored on the server, preventing unauthorized users from having access to them.

I did not receive an e-mail confirming my booking.
It is possible that due to Internet traffic or otherwise receiving an e-mail after viewing on-screen confirmation might take some time. If you still are not receiving any e-mails and you are sure that on registration you have provided correct e-mail address we ask you to inform us of any such cases on info(At)
In any event you should be able to see all your current bookings and their full details in MyBookings section of our website, even if for some reason you do not receive a confirmation e-mail.